AirRam Vacuum Cleaner

The Gtech AirRam vacuum cleaner will change the way you vacuum.  If you’re tired of heavy vacuums and cords that are too short or keep getting in the way then a cordless vacuum is the answer.

The AirRam is battery powered and has no dust bag to contend with.

Up until now, cordless vacuums have never matched the power of corded vacuums, but the introduction of the AirRam changes that and means that cordless lightweight vacuums are becoming serious contenders to their corded counterparts.


Gtech Airram Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Best Price

Gtech AirRam best price as of NOW is $394.91 on Amazon



Gtech AirRam Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

An unbiased Gtech Air Ram review on video:


More Gtech Air Ram vaccum reviews and what people are saying:

If you have pets: the Gtech AirRam picks up pet hair very well

We currently have a Karcher vacuum and it is HUGE!  It takes up almost a whole cupboard and it’s a beast to pick up and move around.  The AirRam is neat and compact.  The footprint of the AirRam is small and you can hang it up on a wall, perhaps in your utility room, for convenient storage.

The AirRam works well on both carpets and hard floors.



…the handle swivels so that you can easily reach awkward angles, for example the stairs and the low profile means the AirRam vacuum will fit under most sofas and chairs pretty easily.






Who is the Gtech AirRam good for?

It would be good for people who have problems using heavy vacuum cleaners, such as those with back problems.  Some vacuum cleaners are so heavy it’s really not fun lugging them around the house and especially up and down stairs.

Talking about stairs, the AirRam is excellent for vacuuming stairs due to it being cordless.  Vacuuming stairs with a corded vacuum can be quite perilous – not so with the AirRam.

The AirRam vacuum is good for people with pets because it picks up hair well.  The AirRam has a rotating brush that helps to free wedged in hair from carpets and rugs.  We have two dogs, it would have to pick up their hair, there is a lot of it!



Because the Gtech AirRam vacuum compresses everything it picks up there is no dust cloud.

This makes this vacuum particularly good for people who suffer from dust allergies or breathing difficulties such as asthma, or for those that simply don’t appreciate the dust cloud created when emptying dust bags / collectors.




I’ve read that there is a little dust left behind but to be honest I’d be surprised if there was none at all.  When I empty my old vacuum I have to do it well away from the house because of the dust that flies everywhere!

Gtech are obviously pushing the AirRam for Christmas and although a few vacuums have been sent back they have been replaced quibble free, and free of charge by Gtech.  Either buy direct from Gtech or from a reputable seller like Amazon.  I read that one person bought one from Ebay and then had a warranty claim that did not get accepted, but what do you expect if you buy from an auction site?   The general opinion on Gtech customer service is that it is very good indeed.

AirRam Features

The Gtech AirRam is cordless and runs on a battery.

It can run on a full charge for 40 minutes.  Reviews back this up, it’s not an empty claim.

It weighs only 3.5kg – about 8 cans of baked beans.

It comes with a 5 year guarantee (excludes the battery).

AirRam Drawbacks

The AirRam vacuum cleaner is quite noisy, but then lots of vacuums are.  Have a listen to the video above to see if it would be too noisy for you.

If the battery died you would need to replace it as this is not covered by the guarantee. Batteries are meant to last around 5 years and replacement batteries cost around £40. I actually think that this isn’t a bad running cost when you compare it to buying bags, filters and belts for other vacuum cleaners.  There is always some cost involved in the upkeep of a machine.  Do I believe it will last 5 years? Not sure about that one, but let’s halve it, I’d be happy with that.

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