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Pink Zoomer Dog

A Pink Zoomer Dog?

No!  Meet Zoomie!

Hey – guess what folks?

Our pal Zoomer has a new friend, and a GIRLfriend no less!  Cheeky boy, he didn’t waste any time did he?!

The new girl on the block is called Zoomie and of course she is pink – to make the boys wink?!

Here she is:


Zoomie Robot Dog


Isn’t she lovely?

We think we might be in love – look at the hearts in her eyes! 😀

Zoomie is a cutey and as well as being able to do everything Zoomer can do, Zoomie can also perform 4 whole new tricks.  We’re not sure what these are, but if knew everything, nothing would be a surprise!

She is tri-lingual just like Zoomer.

Dare we day she is a little better looking than Zoomer?! We wonder how the two would play together – SpinMaster say they are friends so they must get on and play nicely.

We think they have come up trumps here with a pink version that every little princess girl is going to be swooning over.

What do you think?  We think pink Zoomie is nicer than the purple version and a good choice.

If you want to read more about Zoomie, or buy her and make her yours, then click on the images.

Zoomie Robot Dog


You can buy Zoomie for just $103 HERE – very low stock at time of writing