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Teksta vs Zoomer

One of our little girls wants a robot dog for Christmas.  Well when I say robot dog, I mean she wants a real life hair producing, saliva slobbering, money eating, barking, peeing in the house type dog.  Which has been conveniently interpreted into  “So you’d like a robot dog toy sweetheart?”.

We’ve been looking into them and there are quite a few to choose from.  The most popular ones seem to be one called Teksta and another called Zoomer.  It’s pretty cool what the robot dogs / electronic dogs can do now.  They seem to be pretty flexible with their movements and commands that they can follow.

See this website Toy Robots Review for much more detail and information.

What most impressed us about Teksta was that he can flip over.  That would be good, but the cynic in me thinks, “yeah , right”.

Teksta is around $105.99 on or £59 on Amazon UK

The other close contender, at the moment, is Zoomer the robot dog.  He was edging it as far as looks go, but when I found out that he can understand Spanish as well as English that kind of swung it for me.  We speak some Spanish and anything that might encourage further learning is ok in my books.  Plus, he is somewhat sweet looking.  For a plastic toy dog.

Zoomer is around $99 on or £76 on Amazon UK.

Anyway, here is a picture of them both.

Teksta in blue: Teksta Blue  and in pink: Teksta Pink


Zoomer: Zoomer Pup


Notice we chose a picture of Zoomer cocking his leg.   Being the big kids that we are, we think that’s funny.  Zoomer can also be bought in a purple version which we do not like.  He can also be bought with his own hoody which we do like, apart from the fact it has Zoomer written on it.  Kind of adverse to that kind of branding but at least you can take the hoody off.

So what will we decide on, Teksta Pup, Zoomer the dalmation or another!?


4 thoughts on “Teksta vs Zoomer

  1. Ellie Wilson says:

    Zoomer all the way, teksta follows a bone by magnetism or somet like that were as zoomer tracks you and follows you. Teksta wont last as long as it does less tricks than zoomer. Zoomer is more like a real dog and shows kids that its not easy to train a dog but in time zoomers tricks will stun others as it takes around 5 days to train zoomer fully , and around 7 days for zoomer to learn the trick of by heart, this means you dont just tell zoomer tomdo these things you have to teach zoomer to do them which means its normally a toy kids would play with for longer. I have had a zoomer for 3 weeks now and it still isnt old . I have also had teksta well he did his backflip trick for about 4 days then broke down on me. BUY ZOOMER! Xx

    • Scally says:

      Welcome Ellie 🙂 I agree with you, I find it surprising that Teksta still continues to be as popular as it is. Perhaps that will change now that Zoomer has been released. I think Teksta needs a radical overhaul again.

      • Miko says:

        <<<Zoomer is best it beats Tekstas backflips by MILES>>>

  2. mosayf says:

    zoomer  is the best for me he can do  alot of things  thats why I love it

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