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The Scurvy Scally Wags

Afflicted by the scurvy?  Not us!

Well we have been called some things in our time but “scurvy”?  Not sure about that one.  We wanted something to liven the site up a little and this made us smile a little, okay it is silly, but a brief bit of sillyness nonetheless.

We were going to do our first review on this but were disappointed to find out that it is not available on Android yet.  Someone correct us if we are wrong!

I guess that’s a review – it’s not a good one, but it’s a point to be made all the same.  For those of us that are not Apple devotees and choose to think outside of the apple shaped box, why do we sometimes feel like we are missing out on some things – this game is obviously a small and unimportant example, but it shows the point.  Right?