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Vizio SMART TV – too good to be true?

Christmas is coming and we’re in the market for treating ourselves to a new television!  And not just any old television but we’re promised our Scally selves a Smart TV.  Up until now we had resisted all the fuss, but having seen friends use their Smart TVs for watching movies, playing games and Skyping (<— that’s what really sold it, we have family abroad) we have decided to get on the bandwagon as well.  There is nothing wrong with getting on the bandwagon late, we’re pretty good at doing that, but what do we get? The same product as everyone else got a few years ago for half the price!  Good strategy huh? 🙂

Our current TV (not Smart obviously) is a Samsung 28″ – how small we hear you say?  OK, yes it’s baby one compared to these days standards but too much bigger and it would be as wide as our living room. Haha well not quite, but really, not far off 🙁  The Samsung has been great but it’s now showing its edge with lack of features and wide bezel.

We looked at replacing it with another Samsung, specifically the UN32F6300 because we REALLY liked the silver and really thin bezel, and the shape of the stand. We came so close to buying this but were put of by the price. $600 🙁  That is a lot of bucks to spend on a 32″ screen, or so we thought. And looking at it closer that was the reduced price.  So we carried on looking and are now looking at the range of Vizio Smart TVs. We’d heard of them but not come across them too much, but they seem REALLY popular. And what’s more the prices seem awesomely amazingly low!

We only really have a couple of requirements – 32″ (so it fits in our small room) but with a thin bezel could we get away with 39″ I said.  NO! I was told.  What’s 7″ between friends I said?! Ok, well I will work on that, haha.

So – the size, the thin surround, the Smart facility and obviously a good picture. We have a surround sound system already (thanks Pops!) so sound isn’t an issue.

So now we have our sights set on this – the Vizio E320i-A2  – or the Vizio E390i-A1 if I get my way. Vizio is an all American brand and that happens to be a plus for me as well, I like supporting home grown goods.

tv front

It’s currently $288 (good right?) on Amazon and has lots of really good reviews – over 2,000 reviews!  And the majority are 4 stars or over. Taking into account the poorer reviews, this still comes out on top for us.  Nothing is ever perfect for everybody anyway.

What do you think?  Have you had a Vizio TV before?  Do you have any other recommendations? Should we get the 39″ instead?! 😀