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Zoomer Gift Set!

Zoomer Gift Set with Ball and Jacket!


We’re feeling overwhelmed today.

Looking at pink Zoomie girl dog led us to another Zoomer offering!

You can now get a gift set of Zoomer that includes a jacket and a ball for Zoomer to play with!

Red Zoomer Gift Set


This looks pretty cool right?  We love the cute little red varsity jacket, Zoomer, you’re the man!!

Would like to see him Zooming around chasing the ball.

Again we are looking at the same features and abilities between the Zoomers (apart from Zoomie remember who can do 4 more tricks).  The same language capability and the same charging method and charging time – around an hour.

So all we are getting is a new look and in this case a new accessory of a ball.

It seems pretty cool, but when you think about it, most robot dog toys come with some accessory or another, and a ball is a pretty common one.

Imagine sporty Zoomer and Zoomie together….actually, wouldn’t the red and pink clash?!

I wonder if they would play nicely together and if Zoomer would share his ball with Zoomie…..hehe.

Who is turning out to be your favourite Zoomer dog?

Now we have original Zoomer, Purple Zoomer, Zoomer with Hoody, Zoomie girl dog and this Zoomer Gift Set!!

Does Teksta even stand a chance with all these new Zoomers hitting the shelves??


Red Zoomer Box



If you want to buy Zoomer gift set then it is available HERE

One thought on “Zoomer Gift Set!

  1. vanessa says:

    where can you buy zommer with a jacket and ball?


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